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Slimline SATA to 7-pin SATA Conversion Cable

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To use this product simply connect the DIG-31521 cable tip marked “Slimline SATA” into your drive. The remaining 2 connections are for 7-pin standard SATA (data) and 4-pin Molex connection (power) – connect these to your systemʼs power source and motherboard. Once connected, the optical drive will be recognized by your system.

Slimline SATA is a new connection type not present in most systems.

The DIGISTOR™ DIG-31521 is a complete solution for connecting Slimline SATA hardware via standard 7-pin SATA connection. By standardizing the connection used on Slimline SATA optical drives, our kit will allow you to easily integrate next generation Slimline SATA hardware into your systems.

This conversion cable allows you to connect (1) Slimline SATA optical drive to your system via (1) standard 7-pin SATA data connection and (1) standard 4-pin Molex power connection.


- Digistor's DIG-31521 Cable Kit (Slimline SATA Power and Data Solution) allows a Slimline SATA drive to connect to a system when 4-pin Molex power is available and native Slimline SATA power is not.
- Data is then provided by a standard 7-pin SATA connection to your system.