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NEW!! Wireless-11n Nano adapter

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Compliant with various communication modes
  GW-USNano includes: Wireless Client, Software AP, Xlink functions.
Mode Windows Mac OS Function
7/Vista/XP 10.6/10.5/10.4 Use PC/NB to connect to internet
7/Vista/XP - PSP and other game devices can connect to internet
iPhone 3G and iPod touch can connect to internet
Vista/XP 10.6/10.5/10.4 Play on line with PSP - Xlink instruction
Amazingly small!!
  IEEE802.11n USB adapter is the smallest of it's kind. Approx. 14.5(W) x 7.0(H) x 22.5 (D)mm
  *As of April, 2010
WPS button for easy wireless setting.
  Although it is compact, it has WPS button built in.
You can complete the connection setting for WPS supported wireless LAN router and access point just by pressing the WPS button.
Even for those who don't have experience with wireless LAN setting can complete the setting very easily.
  *Wireless LAN access point and client should support WPS.
*The setting method or existence of WPS button may be different depending on the wireless LAN adapter, wireless LAN device, game machine, PC it is connecting to. 

If you use the attached setting software "Client manager", set up is very easy.
If you follow the steps on the window, the setting will be completed.
Even if you are not familiar with networking, you can enjoy the comfortable Wi-Fi life !!
Connect to the internet wirelessly - Wireless LAN Client -
  This product can be used as 150Mbps supported USB wireless LAN adapter with IEEE802.11n method. Also, it supports IEEE802.11b/g.
Moreover, with high security function such as WEP 64/128bit, WPA, and WPA2, you can use wireless LAN without any worries.
  * Supported OS:Windows 7(32bit/64bit) / Vista(32bit/64bit) / XP、Mac OSX 10.6 / 10.5 / 10.4
* It is required to have wireless LAN router or wireless LAN access point.
Connect the Wi-FI supported device to the internet - Softwarte Access point -
  You can do Wi-FI connection for mobile phones, the iPhone 3G and iPod touch. You can also enjoy online gaming with Network supported game machines such as PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii.
With this device, your home becomes Wi-Fi spot very easily !!
  * Supported OS:Windows 7(32bit/64bit) / Vista (32bit/64bit) / XP
* It is required to have the internet environment.
On-line Battle with PSP & Team Play - XLink Kai -
  This device formally supports the software " XLink Kai", which allows players to enjoy playing games together via internet.
This product is formally recommended by XLink Kai.
  * Supported OS:Windows 7(32bit/64bit) / Vista (32bit/64bit) / XP , Mac OSX 10.6 / 10.5 / 10.4
* It is required to have the internet environment.
Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.6 supported
  The operation for wireless LAN client mode is confirmed for Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) and Mac OS X 10.6.
The operation for software access point mode is confirmed for Windows 7 (32bit/64bit).
Wireless Interactive Communication between other makers is guaranteed (Wi-Fi authentication acquired)
  Wi-Fi authentication is acquired to guarantee the wireless interactive communication between other makers.
This means, you are guaranteed to connect with the products which have "Wi-FI CERTIFIED" logo.
High level security
  The communication data will be encrypted by WEP 64/128bit, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, so you dont need to worry about anything when using wireless LAN.
Compatible with various communication mode
  It supports infrastructure mode, which allows to connect PC with wireless LAN access point as wireless LAN client, and adhoc mode, which allows PCs to connect each other.
* "Nintendo DS, Wii" is a trademark of Nintendo Inc.
* "PSP" and "PS3" are a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
* "XBox 360" is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation Inc.
* "iPod touch" is a trademark of Apple Inc.
* "iPhone" is Apple Inc`s trademark. iPhone trademark is used based on the license by iPhone Co., Ltd.


- GW-USNano is the world's smallest wireless LAN USB Adapter with IEEE802.11n technology
- This is even smaller than the previous models.
- You can enjoy 11n WiFinetwork with PC, portable game machine, Wi-Fi mobile phone, and iPhone/iPod touch.
- Our software is very simple.
- You can enjoy online game even if there is no knowledge of the network.
- Compatible with - Mac, XP, 7, Vista
- Compatible with - DS, DS LITE, DSiLL, Wii, PSP, PS3, XBOX360
- 5 Year Warranty!